Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Luke and African-American Interpretation Biblical B638 Summer Term
Smith, Mitzi
The Tree of Life: A Study of Proverbs Biblical B801 Summer Term
Yoder, Christine Roy
All course readings except for the HarperCollins Study Bible will be on Moodle.
Love and Justice Historical Doctrinal HD560D Summer Term
Douglas, Mark
Doing Theology Amid Religious Pluralism Historical Doctrinal HD882 Summer Term
Moore-Keish, Martha
DMin Intro Seminar - Gospel, Culture and Transformation Interdisciplinary I 722 Summer Term
Douglas, Mark
Shin, Wonchul
Project Proposal Workshop Interdisciplinary I731a Summer Term
Tribble, Jeffery
Project Proposal Workshop Interdisciplinary I731b Summer Term
Tribble, Jeffery
DEdMin Educational Care Resources Practical Theology P774 Summer Term
Hong, Christine
All course readings will be on Moodle.
Systems Approach to Congregational Leadership Practical Theology P812 Summer Term
Galindo, Israel